Friday, June 02, 2006

Dimitris Zois - Part I

Dimitris is one of the top greek bodybuilders with many medals and distinctions. He is also a good friend. We have done a few photo sessions, together. Visit often to check on updates on his posts.


Richard Eisenhut said...

Demitris is a very strong man, it is obvious. The size of his biceps, the shot with his arms up, his biceps buldgin, would be incredibe if he where turned facing the camera like that, but it is incredible just the same. The photos showing his chest are great, seein the muscles tight across his pecs, the strenght in them. The shot with is muscles hard, and his pants open is AWESOME. He would be an incredible man in a totally all natural shot. I admire him greatly. He is everything that makes a real man!!

Anonymous said...

very nice work, also very nice person...please continue to bodybuild, you look great and it's a fantastic sport!