Thursday, February 21, 2008

Katerina the Great

Her name is Katerina Megalou. In Greek, "Megalo" means great, big, huge. Besides being a great athlete, Katerina, in her mid 20s, is also the winner of the Ms Universe 2006 Championships.

She is a moving beauty, talented, smart, and very feminine. Fans adore her. She is a regular on top national television shows.

We made this shot at NAC's Athens Grand Prix, last November, where she guest-posed. You'll have the chance to meet Katerina at the 2008 World Championships, next summer in Athens.

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vaso GREECE said...

Kala kopelara mou,den mporeis na fantasteis poso xairomai pou se gnwrizw,dld ti na pw,einai timi mou!ante na me analaveis...
(katerina,i'm so glad that i;m your friend!!!and thx...)

by greece this comment